The 125,000 square foot Sunset Building in Olathe, Kansas is a state of the art office building. It was the result of a design build team competition and it became the first LEED Gold Certified building in the county. The building was designed to be efficient to operate while being comfortable for those who work there. With systems such as underfloor air distribution and daylight harvesting employee satisfaction and thus productivity is expected to increase. Through the use of an access floor power distribution system the building is also highly flexible to keep to date with the county’s growth and any changes in technology.

A major focus of the design was protecting our water sources. Therefore, bio swales in the parking lot were utilized to treat storm water from the site as well as off site. It also utilizes 40% less water than a typical office building. The mechanical and electrical systems occupy the space below the raised access floor for power and air distribution. In addition, daylight sensors control the lighting system which continuously adjusts the lights levels based on the available daylight. The building is expected to operate at 40% less cost compared to a traditional building. BGR Consulting Engineers provided all of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for the building.