BGR Consulting Engineers offers commissioning services for the MEP systems. The commissioning that is performed will confirm that the building’s equipment and systems function according to the criteria specified to satisfy the Owner’s operational needs. We ensure this quality by performing a peer review of the documents prior to the start of construction and verifying the equipment installations, start-ups and operation at the time of substantial completion. Therefore, it is necessary that the design team considers commissioning during all aspects of the design process and schedule the appropriate time to perform each task.

BGR Consulting Engineers applies a holistic approach to commissioning considering the entire building rather than the individual parts. This effort not only ensures the building components are installed and operating with the greatest overall efficiency but also to the Owner’s satisfaction.

BGR Consulting Engineers has seen commissioning result in: less post-occupancy corrective work, lower energy costs, better reliability, and improved indoor air quality. Besides the need to ensure peak performance of the MEP systems, another factor driving the demand for commissioning is the desire for LEED certification. Due to the sophisticated systems often required to obtain a LEED rating, commissioning is best suited to assure the Owner that their investment in these technologies was not wasted.

Through the use of commissioning BGR Consulting Engineers can serve the building Owner’s best interests by delivering a building whose installed MEP systems perform as intended and paid for.