The electrical department at BGR Consulting Engineers has designed electrical systems that have been installed all types of building. These systems include power, emergency power and fire alarm.

There are several aspects when designing the electrical system that need to be discussed early on with the design team. That is why during the design phase BGR Consulting Engineers will provide drawings for Architect/Owner approval of all electrical device locations. Properly sized electrical rooms are another important factor to be discussed within the design team. Often maintaining the proper floor plan efficiency takes priority when sizing building support spaces resulting in rooms that are too small. When selecting the electrical distribution equipment BGR Consulting Engineers will make sure that there is adequate space for the installation and maintenance per all necessary codes. Not only is this early coordination important with the design team it is also important with the electric utility. Initiating the design of a new building electrical service is a critical step in getting permanent power in a timely manner to the site and is one of the first steps of an electrical design.

Design of renewable power technologies such as wind, solar and fuel cells can also be provided by BGR Consulting Engineers. Although these systems are often called ‘alternative technologies’ we feel there is nothing unusual about trying to be environmentally friendly especially when utility costs can be saved in the process.

BGR Consulting Engineers can produce an electrical design that meets all of your project’s requirements.