The main purpose of a building HVAC system is to create a comfortable environment through the use of temperature control for thermal comfort and ventilation for proper indoor air quality. In determining the proper system for a building, BGR Consulting Engineers considers several factors that not only affect temperature and airflow but also space acoustics, humidity, water consumption and energy use.

Operating a building HVAC system is typically a building Owner’s greatest expense. Therefore, an accurate heating and cooling load analysis can translate into energy savings for building Owners. BGR Consulting Engineers understands this and is committed to keeping energy costs low when designing a building’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning system.

BGR Consulting Engineers starts each project by having the right information and tools on hand to specify the proper HVAC system. This includes an understanding of the ASHRAE guidelines and the associated local codes.

Not only is an understanding of the principles of HVAC system design important but so is expressing this knowledge to the entire design team and the building Owner. A successful project requires that each team member understand what the other is doing. This coordination begins with effective communication with the design team about the type and location of the HVAC components within a building.

BGR Consulting Engineers will also be involved in the construction process by performing reviews of the HVAC System submittals and installations.

Whether the HVAC system is a rooftop unit, residential split or hydronic—BGR Consulting Engineers has the ability and the knowledge to supply a complete and accurate design for your project.