To most people plumbing systems are out of sight and out of mind. For BGR Consulting Engineers, a building’s plumbing system is a critical component that needs to be carefully designed and operated to be efficient while maintaining the health of its occupants. A building plumbing system design includes the domestic water system, hot water heating, hot water circulation, plumbing fixtures, sewer piping, roof drain piping and natural gas piping.

Building Owners spend lots of money on purchasing water, the energy to heat it and even for sewers that carry it away. Therefore, when designing a plumbing system BGR Consulting Engineers knows money can be saved by selecting the right domestic water service size, water heaters and plumbing fixtures. Reducing the water and energy demand from the plumbing system is also more eco-friendly. With today’s environment first mentality building Owner’s are starting to request the use of ultra-low flow plumbing fixtures, rain water collection or even on-site treatment systems to reduce domestic water use. This is certainly the case when LEED certification is being sought.

BGR Consulting Engineers knows it is very important to inform the design team on the location of pipe risers, type of fixtures specified, size of plumbing equipment and position of service entrances. This coordination will minimize any future re-design time or reduce the amount of change orders during construction. This also applies to notifying the local utilities of any new services and submitting all required documents to them in a timely fashion.

Knowledge of the local codes is a key element to designing the right plumbing system. This is of particular importance when grease, sediment or oils are expected to be contained within the sewer system. How to collect and properly dispose of these contaminants in a lawful and appropriate manner will not only protect the local ecology but also the building Owner from any fines.

BGR Consulting Engineers understands that the health of the public and the environment is dependent on a proper plumbing system design. Let us help with generating the plumbing strategy that will best fit your project’s requirements.