BGR Consulting Engineers can provide structured cable system design services for clients who are moving, expanding their facility size, or who are upgrading their existing cable plant. Services include design documents and specifications for bidding, audits of existing cable installations, bid management, construction administration, and record drawing maintenance.

Our designs and specifications are fully coordinated with the building components. We also have the ability to analyze heat and power requirements of network and telephone equipment to make recommendations on supplemental cooling and power distribution systems. All of our designs are based on the requirements and recommended practices set by BiCSi, IEEE, EIA/TIA, and other authorities having jurisdiction in the project locale. We have worked on projects as part of the sub-consultant team under the Architect and as a direct consultant to the owner.

There are many benefits of using our design services: we provide an independent analysis of the needs and wishes of the client and to provide a design that balances the wants and needs with the available project budget; we are not affiliated with any manufacturer or installer so we can specify whatever product and/or service that best meets the needs of the client; we are able to take advantage of competitive bidding to keep contractor and material costs down; since no performance based contracts are used installation contractors can be held accountable for their work; we can provide record drawings that reflect the actual layout of the cable plant as installed and all outlet labeling changes that may have occurred during construction.

Custom solutions, competitive bidding, and construction administration services make us a unique option compared to traditional design/build installation contractors.