The current trend in the design and construction industry is LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The United States Green Building Council’s LEED rating system was established to encourage designs that would minimize the local environmental impact of the ecosystem and make efficient use of the surrounding land, air, water and energy. Although not all of our clients may be familiar with LEED they are all interested in the proponents of LEED which are to minimize operating costs, maintenance costs and the impact on our environment. By designing with LEED credits in mind, BGR Consulting Engineers can provide Owner’s an efficient building. By applying for LEED certification the Owner will obtain measurable results of their building’s performance. We encourage Owner’s to consider each of their projects as an investment. Therefore, to achieve substantial savings in energy costs may require a greater commitment of money upfront but the return that could be obtained may be equal or better than any other type of investment they could make.

During the design of a LEED project it is imperative that each system, material and design choice be evaluated on two criteria: 1. Does it fit with the overall goal and mission of the project? 2. Does it provide value to the Owner? Often times, the design team will focus only on achieving a certain LEED certification level. Our Philosophy is to focus on the value our LEED strategies bring to the Owner both short term and long term. We understand that each project is unique and will require innovative strategies and design solutions but we also feel this is truly a team decision. Therefore, we expect the Owner to have input in our decision making process and as such we will provide the proper information to make informed decisions.

The design staff at BGR Consulting Engineers, which includes LEED Certified Professionals, is dedicated to sustainable design guidelines. Katrina became the first engineer or architect in the Kansas City area to become LEED Accredited, not because it was “the thing to do”, but because she truly believed in its philosophy. It is this philosophy that influences all of our projects.